What is Geeks For Peace?

What is Geeks For Peace?
GFP is a not-for-profit dream, promoting peace in the world through our desire for neat stuff for ourselves.  I envision this site as a source of information to help inform and encourage fellow seekers of peace.  I hope that our eventual merchandise will be worn proudly by geeks the world over and that monies collected by the sale of said “neat stuff” will go to aid victims of war worldwide.

Why Geeks?
Because everyone counts, and it’s time that the people in charge knew it.  It’s time for us to make our voices be heard instead of taking a back seat to big business, the religious right and others who seek to steer the future of this county (and the world).

Where are we now?
As I said, there isn’t much to be seen here right now.  A small list of links to sites that are informative and are good places to start if you really want to make a difference in the world.  We have also teamed up with domestic investigator New Orleans to help bring peace for our local geeks.  You can check with site out here: http://www.louisianaprivateeye.com/

I have for another New Orleans Private Investigator that looks to be pretty good named Crescent Investigation take a look on their website to get some prices.